The Follow-up


2 months before the school term starts, GGH will contact you with an accommodation form to fill up so they can help you to find a right place to stay and of course you have the option to find a place by yourself. Although you won’t find INCUL’s dormitory in the accommodation form but GGH will still be able to help you liaise with them, you will just still need ask GGH about it.

1 option beside INCUL’s dorm, that I am looking at, is Borderless House. However I will stay at INCUL’s dorm at the start to get familiar with the area and judge if it is worth the difference in price. Those cheaper option are usually further away from school and unless I am planning to cycle to school, the price difference is not that significant to me after taking into account of the time and $ spent on public transport.


By this time, 1 month before school, you should been informed of your accommodation availability and the issue of Certificate of Eligibility. Now comes the most important step, which is to start to pay up (6 months for school and 3 months for dorm). You will need to do this fast so the school can send out the CoE to you, then you can proceed to do the Student visa at your embassy.

INCUL will require you to pay by using an online remittance call Flywire. It is actually quite simple and fast. All you have to do is register, choose your school and enter your Student ID and Receipt Reference ID. Flywire will then lock-in the current FX rates and you will have 5 days to transfer the money, so choose a good day to do it as it can be a difference of SGD$30-SGD$50 between good/bad day.

Flywire can accept online banking or credit card payment but credit card have an additional charge of approx SGD$200 which is ridiculous.  Using online banking will also incur SGD$30 (based on DBS) for remittance fees but it will still be cheaper then paying by credit card.

PS: If you are also staying in INCUL’s dorm, remember to pay both the school and dorm bills together. I made a mistake and pay separately and I incurred the remittance charge twice and got a different FX rate for the 2nd transfer.


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